Samuel E. Abrams, Director of Columbia’s National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education and author of “Education and the Commercial Mindset” joins Rick to talk about the forces seeking to privatize education and the rise of Billionaire Betsy DeVos from birth lottery winner to lobbyist to Secretary of the Department of Education and to discuss what that rise means for students, parents, and teachers.

Rick Bloomingdale, President of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO joins Rick to discuss the one going war on workers raging in the state’s capital in the form of so called “Paycheck Protection.”  He explains the real-life consequences of such deceptive legislation and the real motivations of those pushing this part of the No Rights at Work Agenda,

Marc Stier, Director of the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center joins Rick to explain the real-world deadly consequences of Republican “repeal and replace” rhetoric that will take health care from some 30 million US citizens and at least 1.1 million Pennsylvanians and talk about the massive budget costs associated with such a massive change.