That’s right!  It’s been less than a week under Trumpian rule and the world is growing more concerned by the clear and present danger emanating from our White House.  Watching the first national TV interview as president Donald Trump did not disappoint in bringing the crazy.

Mary Bottari, Deputy Director of the Center for Media and Democracy joins Rick to explain why there needs to be another confirmation hearing of Billionaire Betsy Devos before confirming her as Secretary of Education and share details from an ethics report that might be a major cause of concern for public education advocates, students, parents, and teachers.

Jordan Barab, Former OSHA Deputy Assistant Secretary joins Rick to explain why the REINS Act is dangerous for American workers and consumers, and, in light of President Trump’s choice for Secretary of Labor Andy Puzder’s belief that American workers are “overprotected, answer the question, Are Americans overprotected on the job?

Allysha Shin, a California registered nurse and National Nurses United member joins Rick to talk about her being one of this year’s Kate Mullany Courageous Young Worker Award winners and to discuss the union-organizing drive she helped spearhead at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, CA, in part to address safety lapses in the Intensive Care Unit.