Duane Egan, Chief steward for International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Shipbuilders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers Union Local 651 joins Rick to talk about how on May 21 Westinghouse Electric Company, the world’s leading supplier of nuclear technology, went nuclear on him and 171 of his coworkers by kicking them to the curb and locking them out of their jobs even as they were asking to continue negotiate.

Andrea Chalupa, Journalist & Author, Orwell and The Refugees: The Untold Story of Animal Farm joins Rick to discuss the latest news and information in the ongoing Trump saga and to talk about the upcoming March for Truth on June 3rd and how people can find a march in their area.

Sarah Chambers, Chicago Teacher’s Union Executive Board member, and Chicago Public School Special Education teacher joins Rick to explain why she believes she has been suspended by the Chicago Public School district even if the district won’t tell her why they suspended her from teaching.  It sounds like another union busting tactic to stop activists from speaking out and standing up for children.