Robert S. Weiner, President of Robert Weiner Associates News and Public Affairs joins Rick to share his thoughts on Thursday’s press briefing as White Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave her full throated endorsement of President Trump’s bleeding facelift tweet and to discuss Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s inane response this his question on the Senate GOP Health plan.

Matías Vernengo, Professor of Economics at Bucknell University joins Rick to talk dire future of the US and Global economy as we distracted by focusing on President Trump’s bizarre tweets and discuss the potentially disastrous effects massive cuts to Medicaid will have on seniors, low wage workers, kids, and the disadvantaged as well as the overall economy.

Isaiah J. Poole, Communications Director with People’s Action and the People’s Action Institute is not bleeding from any orifice but he is seething mad as he joins Rick to discuss the week’s stories on the GOP horrible health care for Americans but massive tax cut for a few act and the major distractions of the day. Check out the article Isaiah suggested here