Propane Jane is back joining Rick to discuss the weekend’s Presidential Twitter temper tantrum as the President pulls out the victim card as the nation is evenly divided on the question of impeachment while more and more information tying the Trump campaign to the Kremlin.  As the pressure builds the President continues lashing out at Fake News accurately reporting the news and throwing his own people under the bus for not being loyal enough. 

Dolores McCracken, current PSEA Vice President and soon to be President joins Rick to discuss what Governor Wolf choosing current PSEA President Jerry Oleksiak means for workers in the commonwealth, what it means for their union, and what direction she will now lead the organization as she ascends to the top office.

Frank Emspak, Managing Editor and Executive Producer at Workers Independent News joins Rick to discuss the recent health care/insurance debate going on in Washington DC and suggests that Democrats take bold action in moving toward a single payer solution.