On Monday April 6, 2020 during a press conference on the Coronavirus Donald Trump called ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl a “third-rate reporter” and a “disgrace” while throwing a tantrum over an Inspector General’s report that said many American hospitals are not sufficiently prepared to meet the potential increases in testing due to the Coronavirus.

Popular Twitter commentator and professional Psychiatrist Propane Jane joined Rick to discuss Trump’s behavior, how prepared her state of Texas is, Trump’s incompetence, and more.  

Here is an excerpt from the discussion.

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Rick Smith: Here to share some thoughts on where we are with instability in chief. I’ve asked our good friend Propane Jane to come back and give us some thoughts. Jane, thanks for taking time for us.

Propane Jane: You’re welcome. Thanks for having me back. So,

Rick Smith: Have you seen this latest tirade?  You’re a disgrace. Wow. Mind blowing to me.

Propane Jane: You know how I am. I already had him pretty much tuned out, but I’ve increasingly tuned him out over the last few weeks because it’s useless, it’s mindless. And it’s dangerous and it’s getting people killed.

I think more and more people are realizing that. And I think there’s no value to me watching it because again, this is my job. I see these type of meltdowns on a daily basis. But I think for the people who to this point, have somehow missed it. You know who haven’t to this point realize that this guy is unfit to lead and that he’s emotionally and behaviorally unstable and cognitively not with it either. If they’ve missed it up until this point, I think the last few weeks have really been demonstrative of what those warning.  Warning signs have been all along and now it’s not even a warning sign anymore. He’s completely melting down in the press room.  I think it is raising the question and you do, you are starting to see more articles and more calls from people in the media to say, Hey, why are we airing this?

You know what purpose does this serve? We’re having to go back afterwards and fact check everything to hell and back. Right? Because all he does is lie and their journalistic credibility is in question when they’re repeating that in the middle of a public health crisis, when that information is so vital and so important to people’s safety and their livelihood.

Rick Smith: Yeah. When you point out that his administration has a watchdog organization coming out and saying, look, we don’t have enough personal protective equipment. We don’t have enough supplies. I think that’s. That’s a valid complaint. Then we have him turn it around and say that’s not just cause she worked for the Obama administration. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Propane Jane: Well, but you’re not him. I mean, in his mind, that makes complete sense. Right? I mean his strategy is always going to be to blame and deflect.  Nothing is ever his fault. Nothing is ever a result of some action that he didn’t take or some bad action that he did take.  He’s not able to confront any of the mistakes he’s made or any of the willful bad choices that he’s made his entire life. So again, it was always a mistake to assume that suddenly, just because he’s occupying the white house and masquerading as our president, that somehow he magically was going to come up with these skills to take responsibility and to be able to be held accountable for solving a problem.  It’s just not something that he’s capable of doing. And so what we are witnessing.  

I didn’t watch the apprentice, but I would imagine that this is what he did on the show. The whole thing was you’re fired.  I don’t know much about it, but I do know that ultimately he sat at the head of the table and just ranted and raved and then dismissed people.  This has been the nature of how his administration has been run this entire time. So, I think in this moment he’s going to continue to blame everyone else but himself and the people that he’s appointed. Because none of them are capable of actually solving the problem and they can’t answer any of these questions honestly in any way that shows any empathy or insight about how atrocious this moment is and how scary and terrifying it is for the public.

Rick Smith: No, that’s an excellent point that even if he did have competent people around him, look, I think Fauchi and  Birx. I think they’re competent but they’ve got to walk a fine line and even if they wanted to come out and tell the truth, I think they would have a hard time with it.

Propane Jane I cannot stress enough how, excuse me, how abnormal this is. I mean, this is extremely abnormal and I know that we have tolerated a lot of just bad behavior from the Republican party for a long while now but we do need to remind ourselves that there was a time when there was a standard. There was a standard for quote unquote, compassionate conservatism, and at least being able to demonstrate a certain degree of empathy in moments that were tragic moment.  

Rick Smith: Exactly Even if it was fake.

Propane Jane I mean, they knew that they had to put on a show and that the president of the United States is supposed to have this soaring language that brings people together and unify people in moments of crisis. And in these moments where you know us that are on the left side of the aisle, you know, we’re really strained in these moments because we have to actually give some sort of a shout out and a little bit of cred to people like George W. Bush. When you look back this moment in a lot of ways is being compared to 9/11 and it’s being compared to wartime.  The GWB years even in those moments even after 9/11 there were a lot of us that were skeptical.

There were a lot of us that knew that there were warnings that were ignored and there was a lot of malfeasance and a lot of incompetence and just a lot of just guilt and corruption behind the scene. But at the same time, that moment was so traumatic, and it was so tragic. That we actually did need GWB and Dick Cheney in a lot of ways.  Baboon  Heart Dick Cheney.  We still needed both of them to rise to that moment and bring the country together.

And that is why they’re polling was great. The highest moment they ever had during those eight years. And Trump is just so terrible that he’s not even capable of doing that. And it’s because you fundamentally he’s severely personality disordered and he’s incapable of doing that.

Rick Smith: You’re absolutely right. Because I made the comparison to 9/11 because at the time I was saying, look we dropped the ball on this, and I was saying even before the reports came out he was the kind of guy who’s not curious. He wasn’t really a awake at the wheel. It was my belief that if Gore was president, that probably wouldn’t have happened. But even in that moment, I was still like, we got to get behind this guy. I didn’t vote for him. I don’t like him. But in this moment the country needs it. And we’re at one of those moments. And I don’t have that feeling that I need to get anywhere near Trump cause he’s only making things worse. That’s my problem. And look as I tweeted out earlier this week, it would takes Donald Trump to make George Bush looks smart and curious.


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Rick Smith: While we have all these reports of there being shortages, I see that your state of Texas, your governor said you’re fully prepared, ready to go for when it’s your turn.

Propane Jane: Well he believes that apparently.  I said this today earlier on Twitter, I have absolutely no faith at all in the Texas GOP but as a product of the Texas Medical Center here in Houston, and somebody who was trained across the entire great state of Texas. At stellar medical institutions across the state. I have a lot of faith. I have the utmost faith in the medical professionals who work in this state. So while I do not trust Greg Abbott or Dan Patrick or John Cornyn or Ted Cruz, I know that the people who are in charge in the healthcare world are serious.  And I know that there are some heavy hitters. I know they’re working on vaccines. They’re working on Plasma infusions. They’re working on all kinds of things down here. And I do think we’re prepared. I think we’re prepared to meet the challenge.  We’ll see what happens. We don’t know how bad it’s going to be, but I think that we’re prepared to meet the challenge.

Rick Smith: I’m hoping you are 100% fully prepared, but you know, I looked at it, I’m going, is that because of anything that you (Governor Abbott) did though?

Propane Jane: Well, of course not. I mean this is another thing I’ve been saying for the last couple of days, I think for the state of Texas, as I always say there are so many things that are hard to understand if you’re not a Texan. I think the biggest thing for this moment is to really recognize that our biggest cities, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso are all democratic cities. They’re all blue cities, and they’re huge. They have millions upon millions of people there.

They are some of the biggest cities in America and some of the biggest economies in America. Those Cities, despite Greg Abbott dithering, and despite all of the Texas GOP kind of making these wishy washy statements and letting the people be at church and the gun stores, et cetera, and the nail shop, the local governments have really been very active in shutting things down.  Early on in the beginning of March we had in Austin, they shut down South by Southwest. Here in Houston and we shut down the rodeo in San Antonio they shut down Fiesta. These are big money making huge money generating events that were very easily canceled and shut down. And our cities have been very successfully shut down for weeks now.  So in a lot of ways, I think even though Greg Abbott knows that he’s towing the party line.  I think Texas will have mixed results in a lot of ways because there are a lot of democratic leaders around the state who are leading the charge and getting us to do the things that need to be done and not waiting for the Republican.

Rick Smith: So basically what you’re saying is you’re going to be okay in spite of Greg Abbott,

Propane Jane: We’re going to try to be. This is our life. This is the status quo when you live in a red state and we’re going to learn a lot about not just Texas, but plenty of other red States and plenty of other blue States.  They have huge pockets of red districts, Republican districts that aren’t wanting to abide any of these guidelines because they feel like somehow is trying to undermine Trump.

Rick Smith: Yeah. In fact, I was just reading an article about Florida where the mayor of Tampa is wildly popular because she did all of these things, I think her name is Jane Castor. She did all of the things early that you wanted to do to make sure you get ahold of this and (FL Governor) Desantis is not very popular.

Propane Jane: Exactly. Right. Right. And even in Louisiana, they have a democratic governor and even though we think of it as a red state, I think that there are places that despite that we’ll still take the social distancing measures very seriously.

Like in a state like Texas when you’re talking about ICU and hospitals and Doctor shortages and nursing shortages. It’s these rural areas in these very desolate pockets in red States and red districts that don’t have the big hospitals. You know, they’re not run by Democrats actually.  And they have hospitals that had been shutting down and that are underfunded and they don’t have anybody sticking up for them. Those places as we continue to speed this, this pandemic rolling, I think are going to be hit in ways that they don’t even realize at this point. I think that they are going to benefit even though they may think it’s a hoax, they are going to benefit from some of those democratic leaders in the larger cities taking some of these actions despite their Republican governors not being willing to take those statements

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