On Monday April 27, 2020 we had NY Times Best Selling Author and Gaslit Nation co-host Sarah Kendzior on the program to talk about the mess Trump and the GOP has created and if there is a way out. As always Sarah brings the reality that Trump is a clear and present danger to our nation and the world. Sarah has been right from the start with regards to Trump’s ambitions, criminal behavior, and ineptitude.

“When you’re voting, you’re voting against an apocalyptic existential threat with Trump, which is the same thing that I said in 2016.

People thought I was exaggerating the nature of the threat. I don’t think they think that anymore. This is maybe not a fun vote, maybe not an enthusiastic vote, but it’s an important vote.

It’s probably the most important vote of your life. It may be the last vote of your life if 2016 was not, in fact. We’ll find that out by November.” Sarah Kendzior

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