Listen to Rick Smith and Democratic Coalition co-founder Scott Dworken talk about Trump, sunshine & Clorox, science, and how Trump could be killing off his own base.

Rick Smith: The orange man, who today said that we should be shooting Clorox into our freaking veins. Sunshine and disinfectant.

This guy is unqualified.

Scott Dworkin: I don’t know what it’ll take for people to wake up. It’s a pandemic. And 50,000 Americans dying when Trump told us it would be gone by now.

This is not fun and games. It’ll be Republicans, Democrats, Independents. It does not discriminate by age or race or creed or color.

Rick Smith: A listener sent me an email saying maybe we’ve gotten this all wrong. He points to a new analysis out in the Administrative Theory and Praxis journal that concluded that people over 65 heavily vote for Donald Trump, that they’re dying off at a larger percentage than the rest of population.

It’s actually going to hurt the Republican party more. It points out in this article that 11,000 more Republicans than Democrats are going to die in MI, in NC which might give the Democrats a better chance. In Pennsylvania, they’re saying that if we do only social distancing, 13,000 more Republicans than Democrats are going to die off. Well, those are basically the margins by which Trump one, so basically he’s killing off his voters.

Scott Dworkin: These are fellow Americans; these are our grandmas and our grandpas, aunts and uncles. These are people that really believe him. They truly, genuinely believe every word he says and they cannot think for themselves anymore. There’s no one on the other side saying to wake up. It’s the saddest, most pathetic thing that I’ve ever seen in my life.

You have to listen to the science and not open everything. None of these states should open till July, is what the reports are actually saying. They’re saying June 19; move it slow. And even then everyone wears a mask in public.

This is what it is. Deal with it, just very straight up. That’s what we need. We don’t need someone giving us false hope.

Scott Dworkin: Dr Fauci literally responded by saying, it’s coming. It will definitely come back. There’s no doubt in his mind. He is still trying to be a straight shooter and he got sidelined for it.

If you blamed one person in the world for the spread of coronavirus more than anyone else, it’s Donald Trump.

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