Dr. Kelly Sennholz, one of the founders of the #MasksNOW movement joined The Rick Smith Show to discuss how Americans can help win the war on Covid-19, what her expert opinions on Trump’s drink bleach and shove a light up your behind “sarcasm,” and the right of knuckleheads to be dumb asses. Here is brief, lightly edited transcript. You can listen to the entire discuss here.

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Rick Smith: Our Vice President Mike Pence decided he was going to visit the patients at the Mayo Clinic and showed up not wearing a mask. Now his rationale was that he’s been tested, he’s negative, he’s fine. What message does that send?

Dr. Kelly Sennholz: There were a couple of problems with what he did. The first is that number one, he could be infected with the virus. He’s talking to patients, to staff members. He could very well be a vector walking around infecting people. That was irresponsible. And then if you talk about leadership principles, one of the big things a leader does is they model the behavior for their followers. 

Rick Smith: They lead by example. 

Dr. Kelly Sennholz: Clearly, he was trying to model ignoring it, and that’s really the problem with all of their behavior to begin with.

Rick Smith: As I was looking at the picture of him talking to the one patient, I couldn’t get out of my mind that if I’m the guy lying in that bed,  I’m looking at him as someone who doesn’t care about me at all because he’s willing to infect me just so he doesn’t have to wear a mask. 

Dr. Kelly Sennholz: That is such a profound statement. That’s really big because when you boil everything down that not only Trump and Pence and but also the Republicans are doing, they’re following the worst.

When I talked to them, the lack of sympathy, the lack of empathy, the viciousness, the outward statements of wanting to kill their neighbors so they can go back to their $10 an hour jobs. It’s all mind-bending that they’re so cruel.

Dr. Kelly Sennholz: I was talking to a bunch of psychiatrists who love to talk about the mental state of [Trump’s] followers and what’s happening in our world. One thing they keep saying over and over is that cruelty is the point. There seems to be a commonality with vicious dictators in history and their followers where they tap into this cruelty that exists in the human genome and bring it out. They grow it, they water it, they feed it, and it bursts out, and we’re seeing that it’s pretty horrifying to watch the Vice President potentially infect someone with a disease that could kill them. 

Rick Smith: These people clearly believe it’s their right to do whatever the hell they want. You know, it’s my right to do whatever I want, and if I want to go and get infected, I’m going to go in and get infected, dammit. And whether I infect you or not is of no concern to me whatsoever.

Dr. Kelly Sennholz: I do think people have the right to be a dumb ass and they have a right to choose not to have treatment. The best part of freedom is you have the responsibility to make your own decisions. 

Rick Smith: It’s like the old saying, you have the right to swing your fist around until it touches the tip of my nose. You have the right to do whatever you want until it infringes on my rights and your going around and spreading a disease or contracting it and then spreading it, that affects my rights. 

Dr. Kelly Sennholz: If you like infecting and damaging and killing other people, that’s such a deeply poignant statement about your deepest core belief system. 

It’s not like you’re in a ditch in World War II, covered with water in 40 degree weather, getting shot at with few rations. 

We’re just asking you to wear a mask and help out.

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