Listen to Rick Smith’s interview with former Congressman and former conservative talk show host Joe Walsh as Joe discusses the effects of conservative talk radio and how Trump & Fox News are responsible for more people getting the coronavirus and dying due to his repeated lies.  

Joe Walsh: Screw Sean Hannity, screw Laura Ingraham, screw Fox News.

All they do is echo Donald Trump’s lies. Fox news is getting people killed. Donald Trump has gotten people killed.

They’ve spread this misinformation for two to three months that there’s nothing there. There’s nothing to see here. And you build that up in people day after day, and then when governors around the country say, this is real, we’re going to shut stuff down, these people get angry. They aren’t social distancing. People are going to get sick because of what they’re doing.

Joe Walsh: If you’re in conservative talk radio right now, you have to kiss Trump’s ass every day, and I wouldn’t do it. Before Trump, it used to be about the issues. Now it’s all about pledging allegiance to this son of a gun.

Rick Smith: I’ve met Hannity, I’ve met Alex Jones, I’ve met a bunch of them. I don’t know that they actually believe the stuff they’re spewing; they’re selling products, an ideology. It’s always been my view that this is political theater and the people in the game get it, it’s just the audience who doesn’t.

Joe Walsh: My company demanded that we only say good things about Trump. Most of the people in conservative talk radio do what they’re told by their company. And they just spew BS.

Fox News has gotten people killed. Hannity and Ingraham and Rush have gotten people killed. Donald Trump has blood on his hands. You’re the President of United States, and you lie to the American people for two and a half months about a virus that’s killing the American people.

And then you’ve got idiots like Hannity who echo those lies.

Break in the interview

Joe Walsh: Prior generations have sacrificed. This sucks. But you know what? The hard thing to do is the right thing to do. It’s harder to stay home. It’s harder to hunker down. It’s harder to social distance. The easy thing to do is to grab your firearm and grab your sign that says, “Give me Liberty or give me death” and go out there.

Rick Smith: I had a guy telling me that it’s his right to go out and get sick. I asked if it was his right to get me sick?

Joe Walsh: Look, I’m a Tea Party guy. I’m a limited government guy because I value freedom more than any other thing on this planet. But my freedom ends when your freedom begins. And these folks, God bless them, don’t understand that that their freedom to do what they want right now could get other people killed.

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