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Joe Walsh, Trump Has Blood on His Hands

Joe Walsh, Trump Has Blood on His Hands

04-21-2020-Joe-Walsh Listen to Rick Smith’s interview with former Congressman and former conservative talk show host Joe Walsh as Joe discusses the effects of conservative talk radio and how Trump & Fox News are responsible for more people getting the coronavirus...

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Celeste Bevans: We Must Not Reopen Too Soon

Celeste Bevans: We Must Not Reopen Too Soon

On May Day I spoke with Temple University Hospital Radiology Tech Celeste-Bevans about her union's Solidarity protest to raise awareness to the conditions health care workers face on the job and to discuss whether Pennsylvania is ready to reopen given the number of...

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Rick Smith

In 2005, The Rick Smith Show stepped into a local radio world devoid of progressive talk.  Rick took his straight shooting no nonsense Teamster outlook to the air and started mixing it up with conservatives from one of the reddest areas north of the Mason Dixon line. His show grew steadily, attracting listeners starved for a voice that spoke to working stiffs who felt the economic floor crumbling beneath them.

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