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Join With Us As We Stand Up, Speak Out, And Change the World

Let me take you back to Labor Day 2005 when a handful of passionate volunteers, still angry over the questionable election, and re-election of an unpopular George W. Bush launched the first iteration of The Rick Smith Show, United for Progress. Our goal was, and...

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Big News to Kickoff 2018

Progressive Voices to air The Rick Smith Show.  Starting Tuesday, January 16th hour 1 of The Rick Smith Show will be heard on the Progressive Voices APP and platform.  This is huge news for the show as we continue to grow nationally after breaking free of a long six...

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Back Live and in Studio

After a much needed holiday break and retooling we are back in the studio and ready to take on the world.  This year promises to be an exciting an important year for workers and their families.  We have made some improvements to studio to grow our national TV...

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Taking a Needed Vacation and Retooling the Studio

We are taking a two week break to spend time with family and to retool our studio for better video production.  Please enjoy the rebroadcast of our 2015 Civil Rights Tour.  See you in the New Year!  Best to all, and to all Goodnight.   Rick

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Rick Smith

In 2005, The Rick Smith Show stepped into a local radio world devoid of progressive talk.  Rick took his straight shooting no nonsense Teamster outlook to the air and started mixing it up with conservatives from one of the reddest areas north of the Mason Dixon line. His show grew steadily, attracting listeners starved for a voice that spoke to working stiffs who felt the economic floor crumbling beneath them.

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